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Ordering & Payment

All prices are in Canadian dollars.  If you are shopping form outside Canada, the exchange rate charged on your card is determined by your financial institution.  Check out for today's approximate exchange rate.


The Loop accepts all major credit cards. A PayPal account is not required to make a purchase. But having a PayPal account would speed up the checkout process each time you shop with us. Almost all major online retailers accept PayPal.

All financial transactions are handled by PayPal for your security. PayPal is the safest way to make purchases online. We do not store any personal financial information whatsoever.

Debit Card Users
When you place an order using your debit card, an authorization is put on your card. This holds the funds in your checking account for us to capture later when we process your order. If you have to resubmit your order for any reason such as a balance adjustment, out of stock item, or discount pricing, it is likely that there will be another authorization placed on your card with each order submission. Although we will only capture the funds once, you will still see each authorization pending on your checking account separately until they expire. (Expiration times are dependent on your bank institution.) The intial authorization amount will be returned to you by your bank. Because of this we highly recommend using a credit card instead of your bank issued debit/check card. If you must use your debit card, please be careful so you don’t overdraw your account.